Brake Inspection (DVI)

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Payment Due at Time of Service. Appointment Duration: 1 Hour

Wheel On Brake Inspection - Complimentary 

Wheel Off Brake Inspection - $80

What's the difference between a "wheels on" and "wheels off" brake inspection?

CHOOSE VEHICLE TYPE FOR ESTIMATED PRICE. The main difference between these two types of brake inspections lies in the level of access and thoroughness in assessing the brake system. While a wheels-on inspection provides a basic evaluation, a wheels-off inspection allows for a more comprehensive examination, enabling the technician to detect issues that may not be immediately visible. Visit everything you want to know about brake service & repairs for detailed info. 

Wheels on vehicle brake inspection refers to an assessment of the brake system while the wheels remain mounted on the vehicle. In this type of inspection, the technician visually examines the brake components, such as brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, and other associated parts, without removing the wheels. They may also check for any visible signs of wear, damage, or irregularities in the brake system.

Wheels off vehicle brake inspection involves the removal of the wheels to gain direct access to the brake components. With the wheels off, the technician can perform a more detailed and hands-on inspection, measuring the thickness of the brake pads and rotors, examining the condition of the brake calipers and brake lines, and ensuring proper brake system operation.

Following the initial inspection, there may be instances where an additional pinpoint inspection is necessary to address specific concerns, and this service may require an extra fee. Modified and custom vehicles may require additional inspection time due to their unique specifications and configurations. Vehicles that require the removal of axles to inspect the brakes is additional. 

Max length 35' and max height 12'. 

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