Air Bag Kits

What Is An Airbag Kit?

An airbag kit is a balloon like rubber bag that can be installed in-between the suspension on a vehicle to restore ride height and increase stability. The air bag usually goes in-between the leaf spring and the frame or the axle and frame so as you inflate the bag the vehicle ride height increases. Air bag kits can be inflated manually with air valves by a air compressor or a on board compressor can be installed and inflation can happen from a switch or controller.

How Do I Know If I Need Suspension Air Bags?

One of the most common ways to know if you need to install air bags on your truck, van or SUV is vehicle sag. While hauling or towing with your vehicle if it is sagging in the rear or bottoming out you may need air bags. The first step would be inspecting all the suspension to make sure damage to suspension components hasn't occurred. If all the suspension components are in good condition looking into a air bag kit would be the next step. Another sign that air bags may be needed is severe body roll or sway when hauling or towing. Air bags can help with offering stability as well as maintain ride height.

Is There Different Options For Inflating Air Bags?

There are different options for inflating your air bags once they are installed. The most common is manual inflation. This is where two air valves or one air valve with a T connector is installed and you can use a air compressor to inflate the bags. Another option is a onboard compressor with a gauge and switch or wireless controller. A switch and gauge can be installed in the vehicle usually somewhere in the dash or underneath the steering wheel that can be turned on and then turned off once the correct pressure is set. Or there is a controller similar to a video game controller with a LED screen that you can press up or down arrow keys to set the pressure. Both options get the job done but to avoid any potential of drilling or cutting in the vehicle cab the wireless controller would be the better option.

What Is The Best Air Bag Kit?

Here at Spring works we have tested and inspected multiple brands of air bag manufactures. There is one clear top performer in this area and that is Firestone. Firestone air bags is our first recommendation whenever a guest is looking for air bag kits. What makes Firestone superior? It's the quality. The bags are very thick making them more durable and brackets and accessories are also superior. They also back all their air bags with a limited lifetime warranty and most of the accessories with a 2 year warranty. All this combined makes them the easy choice for being the best.

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