Trailer Service & Repair

Expert Trailer Service & Repair in Santa Rosa, CA

Located in Santa Rosa, CA, Spring Works services and repairs utility trailers, flatbed trailers, car trailers, travel trailers, tractor trailers, and dump trailers. Whether you need to repair your trailer brakes, trailer axle, springs, replace damaged connectors, fix or replace your bulbs, or handle any other type of trailer repair or service, you can trust Spring Works to get the work done right the first time so you can get on your way.

Trailer Inspection

Bring your trailer in for a complete inspection before you get ready to tow it.  We’ll look at the following:

●   Tires and wheels: Tires should be properly inflated and at the right tire pressure, inspected for damage and wear.

●   Breakaway and battery: Your breakaway should function properly and your battery should be fully charged with clean connections and be operational.

●  Electrical: Check lights, plug and wiring to ensure proper operation

●   Suspension and frame: Inspecting leaf springs, shackles, hanger, bushings and the frame is an important part of   regular inspections.

●  Coupler and hitch ball: check for wear and proper fit

●   Hooks and chains: We’ll check for damage and wear.

●   Brakes: If you have electric or hydraulic breaks, then you’ll want to inspect the operation (including bearings) to make sure they’re performing at their best.

In addition to inspecting your trailer before you tow, semi-annual inspections can ensure that your equipped trailer’s gate and door hinges are properly lubricated and that your wheels, brakes, and tires are in good shape.

We highly suggest the wheel bearing be repacked and the brakes inspected during this inspection. Ask your advisor for details. 

Serving Northern California

Trailer Repairs & Services

Some items need regular repair or replacement. For instance, brake pads are an item that gets a lot of wear. Your manufacturer will recommend a time frame for replacement. Brake lines are also a regular service item, and they might need to replaced or bled, depending on their condition. See our trailer maintenance & service blog.

If you have any trailer parts that need to be repaired, you can trust Spring Works to get it done right.

Brake Experts

Electric Trailer Brake Systems

If your trailer has an electric brake system, we’ll inspect the condition of the electrical connectors, paying particular attention to the main trailer connector, as well as the wiring, magnets, and battery condition.

Before you tow, make sure your emergency battery is securely mounted with a full charge.  

Trailer services we offer

Trailer Service 

We want to make sure your trailer is safe for you to use the next time you need to tow something. Here are some of the trailer services we offer:

●   Trailer Axle Replacement
●   Trailer Brake Controller Installation
●   Trailer Wiring Electrical Diagnosis
●   Trailer Spring Over Conversions
●   Trailer Jack and Coupler Installation
●   Trailer Frame Repair
●   Spring Over Conversions

Trailer Suspension Specialist

Trailer Suspension Service & Repairs

Your trailer suspension system is important. It connects the axles, brakes and wheels of your trailer to its body (frame) and does the grunt work of absorbing heavy blows from the road. The spring is the core component of any suspension system. Whether your trailer suspension system is leaf spring suspension, independent trailing arm suspension, air ride suspension, or independent rubber suspension (torque flex), we can inspect and service it. We specialize in suspension, so you’ll know your trailer is in good hands when you bring it into Spring Works.

Trailer Brake Experts

Trailer Brakes

If your trailer has a gross weight of 3,000 pounds or more, your state probably requires you to have brakes fitted on it. A lot of experts are even more cautious, recommending brake systems on trailers that are rated for 1,500 and up.

There are a few different types of brake systems for trailers: electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic. Hydraulic brakes (also called surge brakes) are the most common for trailer use. With these brakes, your trailer’s brake system is entirely contained within the trailer, so any vehicle can tow it and still benefit from brakes. There’s a master cylinder inside of the coupler device of the trailer, and when the vehicle that’s towing the trailer brakes, the inertia from the trailer drives a piston inside the master cylinder. This increases the pressure of the hydraulic fluid, which runs through all the brake lines.

Your hydraulic brakes could be disc brakes or drum brakes. Disc brakes are generally better for trailers. They have better stopping power and fade resistance compared with drum brakes. They also work better when the roads are wet, are self-adjusting, and are overall easier to maintain. The downside to disc brakes is that their rotors are prone to corrosion since they tend to be made of steel.

Expert Service

Trailer Brakes

We service electric and hydraulic trailer brakes. During a trailer inspection, we’ll check the brakes to ensure they apply evenly when you’re braking and fully release while the vehicle is moving. For disc brake trailer systems, we’ll inspect the rotors’ thickness, runout, and condition. You’ll have to replace your rotors if they’re damaged (either cracked, warped, or worn thin).

Your brake pads are also important, so we’ll check them to see if they’re worn thin or if the lining has cracked or become loose. In any of those cases, we’ll recommend replacements to ensure your safety.

We’ll also inspect the wheel cylinders, brake lines, and master cylinder on both drum and disc brake hydraulic systems. We’ll be looking for fluid leaks and the condition of the brake fluid. Your brake fluid shouldn’t contain any rust, water contamination, or sediment.

We’ll inspect the condition of your trailer’s drums, shoes, and shoe return springs and hardware. You should replace any parts that are badly corroded or worn thin.

Trailer Electrical

Brake Controllers

Spring Works offers timed and proportional trailer brake controllers. Our brake controller installation is performed by seasoned professionals that do it right the first time. 

Proportional brake controllers offer a smooth braking through the use of a sensing device to determine the tow vehicle's rate of deceleration. The trailer brakes are applied to match the tow vehicles braking. 

Timed brake controllers are basic, economical and intended for light-duty towing. Time actuated controls have solid state electronics, can be mounted in any position (horizontal, vertical, even turned upside down) and are lesser quality that proportional brake controllers. 

Trailer Lights

If your trailer lights are starting to fail, you might need to replace the entire system and LED lights are good to consider. It’s also a good idea to carry spare bulbs, so you can make replacements on the road and avoid getting a ticket if your bulb burns out before you can get to the shop.

Trailer Connectors

You might need a new trailer-plug connector if yours is old and corroded, or if it’s been stretched or run over. Bring it to us and let us handle it for you.

Trailer Blinkers

If you have a faster-than-normal blinker, you might need a new relay to handle the load of having two or more lights. This is a simple fix that can make signaling your turns a lot less annoying.

If your trailer needs service or repair, we have parts and service options.Buy trailer parts online, ormake an appointmentfor trailer repairs or service. You can also make an appointment for a complimentary trailer inspection. Get It Done Right.

Trailer Hitch Installation

Trailer tow hitches installed professionally and fast by experts at Spring Works. We offer tow hitches for most vehicles.