Trailer Leaf Springs for Utility, Boat & Travel Trailers

What Are Trailer Leaf Springs?

Trailer suspension leaf springs are a single or stack of curved slates of steel. They can mount either above the trailer axle or below it depending on the trailer spring. Single leaf trailer springs (mono leaves) usually can carry less weight and are tapered meaning they run from thick in the center to thin towards the end of the spring. Multi leaf trailer springs can carry significant amounts of weight and are made in a variety of spring end types and lengths.

What Is The Difference Between Slipper And Double Eye Trailer Springs?

Double eye and slipper leaf springs both serve the same purpose of providing the trailer with suspension that absorbs road shock. What makes them different is there mounting points. Double eye is in reference to the ends of the spring being rolled into two circles. The spring can then have a bolt ran through the eyes which mounts it to the hanger or shackle straps on the trailer. Slipper springs is in reference to having one end of the trailer leaf spring flat or arched open allowing the spring to slip on the equalizer or hanger what the spring is lengthening.

Boat, Utility And Travel Trailer Leaf Springs

Trailer leaf springs can fit on a variety of trailers. Boat trailer leaf springs are very common, they come in a variety of lengths and depending on the size of the boat can carry a lot of weight. You will also see some boat trailer springs marine coated which allows them to be put into salt water without any corrosion. Utility and travel trailer leaf springs also have a variety of lengths and styles. They use both slipper and double eye leaf springs and can also come in heavy duty trailer springs. Depending on what the trailer is being used for there can be a specific spring to meet that need.

Identifying Trailer Springs

The are multiple types of trailer springs. If you've never seen them before it may be a little confusing so below is a diagram of each spring to be able to better identify what spring you are looking for.

Double Eye Trailer Spring     C Hook Trailer Spring     Slipper Trailer Spring (Flat End)     Slipper Trailer Spring (Hook End)     Slipper Trailer Spring (Radius End)   

Double eye trailer leaf spring.C hook trailer leaf spring.Flat end slipper trailer leaf spring.Hook end slipper trailer leaf spring.Radius end slipper trailer leaf spring.

How To Measure A Trailer Leaf Spring

Below are two examples of how to measure a trailer spring. There is one example for a double eye trailer spring and one example for a slipper trailer spring. For the double eye trailer spring you will need to know the center eye to center bolt measurements along of the surface of the spring (A and B). For the arch of the spring you will need to draw a line front center eye to center eye then draw another from the center bolt up to the middle of the first line (C). Then we have the stack height which is the very top of the trailer spring stack to the bottom (D). Lastly the center eye to center eye measurement, a straight line from the center eye on one end of the spring to the center eye on the other end (E). Everything for the slipper trailer spring will be the same except for measurements A, B and E which will be from the center of the eye to the end of the slipper spring.Double eye trailer leaf spring measurement diagram.Slipper trailer leaf spring measurement diagram.

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