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Disc Brake Conversion In Santa Rosa, Ca

It might not be as eye-catching as other types of vehicle modifications, but a disc brake conversion could make your vehicle stop more efficiently. It could also save you time and money on inconvenient brake repairs.

If you’re looking for a disc brake conversion kit, schedule an appointment with us. We carry disc brake conversion kits from some of the best brands on the market that you can use to easily upgrade your vehicle’s braking system.

Bring your vehicle into our shop or schedule an appointment online for a brake inspection and consultation. We can help you figure out the best way to convert your brakes to improve your vehicle’s performance and keep you safe.

What to Know About Brake Conversions

Converting Drum Brakes to Disc Brakes

The best way to undertake the task of converting drum brakes to disc brakes is by using a disc brake conversion kit. At Spring Works, we handle the installation of your disc brake conversion kit to make sure your brakes are properly installed and will keep you safe on the road.

One thing to know is that converting your brakes from drum brakes to disc brakes may entail more than simply replacing the brakes, especially when we’re working with an older vehicle. We will be in contact with you about your vehicle and make sure you are up-to-date on its status throughout the process. We offer customized disc brake conversion kit options for specialized vehicles.

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Checking your brakes After the Conversion

One of the most important steps in the disc brake conversion process is checking your brakes for safety once we have installed them. Whether you’re converting your front or rear brakes, it’s crucial that we refresh the brake fluid and bleed the brakes. We also need to test the parking brake and will make adjustments as necessary to ensure your complete safety and to make sure the brakes are functioning as they should.

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Disc Brake Conversion Kits

Bring your vehicle into Spring Works for full-service installation of a disc brake conversion kit. Supplied and installed by Spring Works experts, located in Santa Rosa, CA, our disc brake conversion kits come from top brands Wilwood and Baer. You can rest assured that these stainless steel brake disc conversion kits are installed right. Our premium disc brake conversion kits utilize modern brake performance through innovative technology and precise installation.

Spring Works offers custom-tailored disc brake conversions for vehicles of all kinds. We offer installation, service, and product sales. Give us a call at 707-544-3833. You can also schedule a brake inspection and consultation today online. Get it done at Spring Works. Get it done right.

Who Needs Disc Brake Conversion?

The immediate answer to who should consider disc brake conversion is classic car owners, particularly owners of cars that were made before 1970.

Disc brakes didn’t become standard on American cars until the 1970s. Some vehicles from Chrysler had disc brakes as early as the 1950s, but, for the most part, vehicles prior to 1970 had drum brakes instead of disc brakes. Power brake systems came on the market in the mid-1960s, which made disc brakes significantly easier to operate.

The second answer is that anyone who wants to improve their rear brake performance should consider getting a disc brake conversion. That’s because many vehicles on the road are still made with drum brakes, at least in the rear. Even though disc brakes have been standard since the 1970s, the rear wheels of many vehicles on the road today still come standard with drums.

The main reason modern trucks and cars have drum brakes in the rear and disc brakes up front is cost. Your vehicle’s front brakes do most of the work (roughly 70 percent). Car and truck manufacturers, then, sacrifice the performance of your rear brakes to save on costs.

The third reason is to improve overall brake performance and response. Converting existing disc brakes to larger rotors and calipers with more pistons offers greater stopping power at reduced temperature. This increases brake longevity and substantially reduces stopping distance.

There are a lot of reasons people choose to convert from drum to disc brakes. The main difference between the two as far as performance and maintenance go is that drum brakes don’t perform as well disc brakes.

Here at Spring Works, we offer brake repair services for drum brakes and disc brakes. If you have an older vehicle and want to improve its performance, you might want to consider disc brake conversion. Compared to drum brakes, disc brakes are easier to maintain and are more durable. Drum brakes need regular adjustment and don’t have great stopping power. On top of that, they’re susceptible to changes in heat, moisture, and debris, which are largely out of the vehicle owner’s control. These elements can damage your drum brakes and lead to costly and annoying repairs.

Parking brakes

In addition to the low cost of a rear-drum configuration on vehicles, manufacturers also prefer this set up because the mechanism to use the parking is simpler and less expensive with drum brakes than with disc brakes.

With drum brakes, there is a lever controlled by the parking brake cable, which is connected to the brake shoes. With disc brakes, this lever instead is attached to another mechanical device located inside the caliper piston. This device pushes the piston on the pads.

What this means for you is that converting your drum brakes to disc brakes could be complicated by your parking brake system. In some cases, we might need to replace the entire parking brake system because it isn’t compatible with the new disc brakes.

If your parking brake is compatible with your new disc brakes, then all we need to do is disconnect the parking brake before removing the drum brakes. Then, we can simply reconnect the parking brake after the disc brake has been installed.

If we need to replace your vehicle’s parking brake system, we will discuss your options with you before moving forward. We want to make sure your vehicle is safe so that it stops when it needs to.