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Leaf Spring Service and Repair in Santa Rosa, CA

Spring Works specializes in leaf spring service and repairs. Located in Santa Rosa, CA we service leaf springs for cars, trucks, trailers, motor homes, and heavy trucks. We provide leaf spring add-a-leaf’s, overloads, main leaf, spring clip, and load testing services. With over 30 years of leaf spring experience you can rest assure you're going to get expert service. We also supply all other leaf spring related components. If you want to replace leaf springs yourself, we sell the parts you need. You can buy leaf springs online, or schedule an appointment for leaf spring service.

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Leaf Spring Inspection

Visually inspecting the leaf spring will reveal if cracks, material degradation, or broken leaves are present. If the springs are not installed we can take free arch measurements and compare the measurements to the manufacturer free arch specification.

During your inspection, we’ll test drive and inspect the vehicle ride height. Test driving and inspecting the vehicle ride height are important steps in diagnosing a potential leaf springs problem. Checking vehicle ride height at all four corners and frame measurements for variations can indicate a leaf spring problem. Uneven weight distribution or insufficient capacity can cause a vehicle to lean or sag.

We also consider the general age, overall condition of the leaves, and condition of the bushings when we inspect your leaf springs. Once those factors are known, we can offer you options to fix the ride height and/or capacity problem. Schedule an appointment for a leaf spring inspection.

Expert Leaf Spring Service & Repair

Leaf Spring Repair

If you have a broken individual leaf spring or main leaf, and want to replace only that leaf, you have the option of replacing individual springs here at Spring Works in Santa Rosa, CA. Individual leaf springs can be replaced to repair bent, damaged, or broken leaves. We can make any leaf spring for any application. Call us for a quote or schedule an appointment online today. Get It Done Right

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OEM Replacement Leaf Springs

Spring Works specializes in replacement leaf springs for cars, trucks, SUVs, motor homes, and trailers. Spring Works has supplied OEM replacement leaf springs, heavy duty leaf springs, and custom leaf springs since 1993. You can bring your vehicle in to Spring Works in Santa Rosa, CA for servicing, or you can buy replacement leaf springs online today.

For the most demanding conditions

Heavy Duty Replacement Leaf Springs

If you carry heavy loads in your truck, you might need heavy duty replacement leaf springs. Spring Works specializes in leaf spring replacement of all kinds, including heavy duty leaf springs. Heavy duty springs can be made for any hauling requirements. Call us today for expert leaf spring service. 

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Leaf Spring Service

Leaf Spring Arching

Leaf spring arch (in addition to spring rate) determines vehicle ride height. Changing arch can increase or decrease ride height. In cases where a vehicle has a different ride height, from the left to right side or front to back, arching can provide a solution. Arching leaf springs is a process of recurving each individual leaf spring to a specific contour and free arch. Stress relieving each spring is the final step in the process. All arching service are done in house and performed same day with an appointment.

Leaf Spring Add-A-Leaf

Add-A-Leaf’s will increase capacity and/or lift your car, truck, or motor home. At Spring Works, we make Add-A-Leaf’s for increasing payload and lifting vehicles. The overall ride quality and longevity of the springs we supply are not matched by any other product in the market. Custom made add leafs fit and perform better. If your vehicle leans to one side or sags because of uneven or heavy weight distribution, we can fix it. Give us a call and talk to a spring expert to determine if Add-A-Leaf will solve your capacity problems.

When to Replace Leaf Springs

If your vehicle seems more bouncy than normal (especially in the back), it could be due to your leaf springs wearing out. Leaf springs are meant to absorb the extra energy that comes from bumps. If you’re starting to sway when you hit a pothole or bump in the road, it’s time to inspect your leaf springs.

1. Your leaf springs are cracked

Any time you notice that your leaf springs are cracked or broken, or if there are clearly pieces missing, you should bring your vehicle in to have your leaf springs replaced.

2. The rear end of your vehicle is swaying

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3. Your truck is sagging

If your truck sags excessively when carrying a load, your leaf springs are either going bad or you need to increase their capacity. Avoid further complications down the road and have Spring Works provide you with a custom solution.

If your truck, car, van, or SUV needs new leaf springs, bring your vehicle in to Spring Works for service. We can help by providing factory replacement leaf springs, heavy duty replacement leaf springs, or custom design and build you a leaf spring for any need. If you are uncertain about what, exactly, you need, call us today and schedule a leaf spring Inspection.

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