High Quality Brake Service and Repairs in Santa Rosa, Ca

High Quality Brake Service and Repairs in Santa Rosa, Ca

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The Real Cost of Cheap Brake Repair

This is particularly true for parts like brakes, which are essential to keeping you, your passengers, and the others on the road safe while you’re driving. 

When it comes to brakes and other car parts, you get what you pay for. Whether you get low quality parts, low quality service, or a combination of the two, it just isn’t worth it to pay for cheap brake repair. Cheap brakes usually last half as long and perform half as good. Also they potentially put you, your passengers and others at risk once you get back on the road.

There are a lot of repair shops out there who advertise cheap brake repair. Keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Here are some things to consider when you’re trying to determine whether it’s really worth it to pay a higher price for better quality brake repair.

Quality matters

When it comes to your car, truck, van, or SUV, the quality of the service you receive and the parts that go into your vehicle are by far the most important thing to consider. After all, you don’t want to drive away from the repair shop with low quality parts that are only going to guarantee that you need to return back to the same repair shop for the same service in a short matter of time. Similarly, you don’t want to get poor service that doesn’t address everything that needs to be repaired in your vehicle.

Some brake pad manufacturers sell cheap parts to dealerships and auto repair shops, which, in turn, allows these dealerships and auto repair shops to charge low prices for their customers. These cheap parts aren’t just low cost. They’re low quality. They might be OK for routine stops and braking, and they might even last 10,000 or 20,000 miles. But cheap, low quality brake pads aren’t necessarily designed for hard stops, frequent braking, or emergency situations. Ask yourself if it’s really worth saving a few dollars now to spend more time and money in the future for low quality brake pads or rotors. Cheaper parts do not last as long and do not perform as well as quality parts. They are typically noisy and create more brake dust as well. 

Cheap brake repair is often just a way to lure you in

A lot of car repair shops use low prices for brake service as a way to lure customers in. They think that by giving customers cheap brake service, they’ll encourage those customers to keep coming back for other services, which they have to charge more for in order to recoup the cost of the low brakes. 

What this means for you, as a customer, is that, sure, you might get a good deal on brakes by going to a place that charges a low price. But the actual cost could be significantly higher when the brakes last half as long and do not perform when you need. Not to mention the time of bringing the vehicle back due to noises or other issues with cheap brakes. In addition, when you return for other services (or authorize other work), you’ll end up paying for those cheap brakes with other high cost repairs. Because it’s a good idea to get all of your repairs done at the same place, you’re better off going somewhere that’s going to give you a fair price for all of the car repairs and service you need. 

At Spring Works you will receive high quality brake parts and service that will save you time and money by lasting longer and performing better than cheap brakes. You will know up front, after our complimentary brake inspection, what you need and what the exact cost will be. We will always be honest and up front with you about the condition of your vehicle because we know you're smart enough to decide what's best for you once you have all the info you need from us.

Cheap brakes usually equal cheap service


Keep in mind that businesses offering cheap brake repair are going to be flooded with customers needing brakes. They are likely, therefore, to be moving through their brake repairs quickly so that they can accommodate the influx of customers. 

For instance, the rotors and caliper should be checked every time your vehicle is brought in for brake repair, even if you’ve brought the vehicle in for brake pad replacement. When a shop gets filled up with too many orders, though, they can cut corners and skip checking your rotors or other important brake system parts. 

This means your vehicle may not get the attention it deserves, leaving you with cheap brakes and cheap service when what you really deserve is the highest quality brakes and service for this very important system. 

Hardware is usually extra

Every coupon has some fine print. When it comes to cheap brake repair coupons, that fine print usually includes something indicating that you’ll have to pay extra for hardware. This can seem like an optional expense, but it’s one you don’t want to skip. Here’s why. 

Hardware is what protects the pads and makes sure they last as long as they should. When your car heats and cools, the springs and anti-rattle clips get weak. This happens in every vehicle and is a normal part of the aging process on your vehicle. However, it doesn’t mean that it is OK to keep driving on weak hardware parts. 

These weakened hardware parts can cause damage to your brakes, resulting in excessive caliper/pad binding and movement. This in turn can cause noise that tells you your brakes are going bad, along with other problems. Weak hardware can also lead to premature pad wear along with rotor issues and pulling.

When you get your brakes repaired, you need to include hardware. Because a lot of places that advertise cheap brake repair don’t include hardware with their cheap service, you may end up paying close to the same amount as anywhere else but for lower quality brake pad parts.

How much does it cost to repair brakes?

When it comes to brake repair, the cost can fluctuate depending on what, exactly, you need done, along with your car’s make and model. The amount of time that the repair will take also factors into the cost, since labor costs are always calculated into your repair costs. This is true whether you’re going to a dealership or independent auto shop and regardless of whether or not you have a “cheap brake repair” coupon. 

That being said, expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars on brake repair. Compare that with the cost of getting a new vehicle, though, or, worse, the cost of paying for damage to another vehicle when you are on the road and can’t stop because your brakes won’t work, and you’ll see that it’s worth it to pay for quality brake repair that will ensure your safety and that of your passengers. Get a complimentary brake inspection and receive an exact quote for exactly what you need from Spring Works. 

Get the best brake repair and service in Santa Rosa

Do your brakes need service? Learn more about our brake service options, or set up an appointment today. We’ll give you great service and high-quality brake repair at the best price. You can rest assured knowing that you’re receiving parts and service without cutting corners that will keep you safe when you get back on the road. Automotive brake service and repair by Spring Works in Santa Rosa, California. Get it done right by brake experts.

Brake Service & Repair in Santa Rosa Ca

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