Genuine Hendrickson Air Spring Assembly 1R12-402 Part Number H-50898-002

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Alternate SKU: 50898-002L, 50898002L, 352-117, 352117, AB1DK23M-9297, AB1DK23M9297, 050898-002, 50898-002, 050898002, 50898002, 050898-001, 50898-001, 050898001, 50898001, 50898-2, 50898-1, 9297, 1R12402, H50898002, 1DK23P9297


This premier air spring is designed to consistently maintain ride height, offering an unmatched level of stability and performance. It is crafted to align with OEM specifications, effectively reducing vibration and stabilizing load shifts. This ensures not only a smoother journey for the driver but also secure transport for the cargo. Experience the peace and balance of a quiet, level ride with our durable Air Springs, dedicated to ensuring your truck remains operational.

Key Advantages & Highlights:

Utilizes high-quality materials and manufacturing prowess to deliver outstanding durability and performance.

  • The inclusion of a plastic base enhances both weight efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Designed with OEM-compatible dimensions and an easy-to-mount assembly bracket, facilitating a straightforward installation process.
  • Boasts resistance to oil, lubricants, and challenging weather conditions, ensuring reliability under various operational circumstances.
  • Produced with an eco-friendly approach, promising a product that is both sustainable and enduring.

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