26-5/8" Trailer Leaf Spring - Slipper Hook End - 4 Leaves - 1003T3

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Slipper hook end trailer leaf spring part number 1003T3.

  • Number of Leaves - 4
  • Leaf Spring Width - 2"
  • A - Spring Length: 12"
  • B - Spring Length:16"
  • C - Spring Arch: 3.06"
  • D - Stack Height: 1.44"
  • E - Eye to End Length: 26-1/8"
  • Eye Diameter - 9/16"
  • Leaf Material - .360"
  • Slipper End Type - Hook End
  • Leaf Spring Capacity: 2,500 lbs.

Slipper Leaf Spring 1003T3 fits all types of trailers including utility, boat, travel, dump and horse trailers. This 1003T3 trailer slipper spring has a 9/16" ID nylon bushing installed on one end and a hook end slipper end on the other. Same as slipper spring part number UNA-231, 72-31, UNA-251 and TS964-4. Measure along the surface of the leaf spring for the most accurate measurement. Eye to end measurements can vary over time due to the slipper spring flattening out. Contact the experts at Spring Works if you have any questions.

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