1/2 Inch Diameter Square U-Bolts

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U-Bolt Leg Length (Dimension B) 6" Leg Length

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Square U-bolt measurement example.

  • U-Bolt Diameter: 1/2"
  • SAE Grade: Grade 5 Steel
  • Torque Spec: 90 FT LBS.
  • Finish: Raw Steel (Non Coated)
  • USA Made
  • Fine Thread
  • May Be Up To 1" Longer Than Ordered Length
  • Sold Individually Without Nuts, Washers Or U-bolt Plates


When it comes to securing your equipment, precision and strength matter most. Our 1/2 Inch Diameter Square U-Bolts are designed to meet your fastening needs with unwavering reliability. Crafted from Grade 5 steel and proudly made in the USA, these U-bolts are built to withstand the toughest challenges your projects can throw at them.

Key Features:

U-Bolt Diameter: With a 1/2" U-bolt diameter, these square U-bolts are the perfect fit for various applications. The diameter is measured at the threads, ensuring a secure and precise connection.

SAE Grade: Manufactured from Grade 5 steel, our U-bolts adhere to SAE Grade standards. This ensures exceptional strength, resilience, and resistance to wear and tear, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Torque Spec: These U-bolts are designed to be torqued to 90 FT LBS, providing the necessary tension for a secure and steadfast connection. You can trust that your fasteners will stay in place under even the most demanding conditions.

Finish: Featuring a raw steel finish, these U-bolts exhibit a rugged and industrial look. This finish is perfect for applications where aesthetics take a backseat to reliability and strength.

USA Made: We take pride in crafting our U-bolts right here in the USA. By choosing our product, you're supporting American craftsmanship and quality.

Fine Thread: The fine thread on these square U-bolts offers exceptional threading precision, ensuring a tight and secure fit for your specific requirements.

Custom Length Option: These U-bolts may be up to 1" longer than the ordered length, giving you the flexibility to meet various installation needs.

Sold Individually: Please note that these U-bolts are sold individually, without nuts, washers, or U-bolt plates. This allows you to customize your fastening solution precisely to your specifications.

U-Bolt Diameter Verification:
To guarantee that you have the correct U-bolt diameter, simply check that a 3/4" wrench fits the nut of a 1/2" U-bolt rod. This straightforward test ensures a proper fit and a secure fastening.

Our 1/2 Inch Diameter Square U-Bolts are engineered for performance, strength, and versatility. Whether you're securing square or rectangular objects, mounting brackets, or tackling other fastening challenges, these U-bolts are your trusted choice. Order now and experience the peace of mind that comes with using top-quality U-bolts for your projects.

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